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 Technological areas

  Technological areas  

This laboratory boasts a JOEL JSM 6400 scanning electron microscope with Link eXL microanalysis, equipped with an x-ray fluorescent microprobe, as well as having an infrared spectrophotometer with a Fourier transformer, NICOLET MAGNA 500 IR equipped with an IR - PLAN optical workbench, in addition to possessing numerous accessories.

The combination of both techniques allows a large number of problems seen at the industrial level to be dealt with, above all those relating to defects, in both organic coatings (paints) and inorganic coatings (phosphate, zinc, chromate and gold plating).

The laboratory works in conjunction with the metallographic and the materials and corrosion laboratories in studying a wide range of problems.

Laboratory Activities

  • Fractographic studies.
  • Metallographic studies.
  • Coating studies.
  • Defect studies.
  • Corrosion studies.
  • Microanalysis of materials.
  • Analysis of slurries.
Principal equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope with built-in x-ray fluorescent microprobe.
  • Infrared spectrophotometry with a Fourier transformer, equipped with an optical bench.
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