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 Technological areas

  Technological areas  

The metallurgy and metallography laboratory provides technical assistance and guarantees quality control in companies from the sector that do not have laboratory facilities: evaluating the microstructure of materials, characterizing thermal or mechanical treatments suffered during processing, or determining the thickness and quality of applied coatings.

Likewise, it performs macrographic and micrographic tests, which are necessary to assess fractures affecting mechanical pieces and components of machinery and structures during service life.

Laboratory Activities


Standard testing.

  • Measurement of coating thickness using micrographic cross sections.
  • Determination of grain size in steels.
  • Evaluation of carbide distribution using micrographic standards.
  • Determination of non-metallic inclusions.
  • Classification of graphite in castings.
  • Estimation of average grain size in copper and copper alloys.

Metallographic studies of steel, castings, copper, aluminium, titanium and chrome-cobalt-molybdenum alloys, etc... to evaluate the microstructure of the material.

Preparation of metallographic replicas in situ.

Metallographic and macrographic studies for the evaluation of fractures.

Heat treatments:

  • To evaluate steel hardenability using Jomini testing.
  • To determine the suitability of the materials to heat treatment.

Other activities

  • Training courses.
    In-company customized training courses.
Principal equipment

  • Optical microscopes (up to 1000 X).
  • Stereographic magnifying lenses.
  • Automatic Image Analysis equipment connected to a video printer.
  • Portable equipment for the preparation of metallographic replicas.
  • Heat treatment ovens.
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