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 Technological areas

  Technological areas  

The main aim of the light testing laboratory is to offer manufacturers a means of guaranteeing that their products satisfy the Community Safety Directives applicable to their products.

It is qualified for carrying out the tests laid down in parts 1 and 2 of standard UNE-EN 60598. Technical assistance is also offered for improving designs and to ensure that standards are adhered to.

In addition, the laboratory is equipped to perform tests on other products related to the Safety Directive for low-tension electrical apparatus, in order to ensure that different product standards are fulfilled.

The Illumination / Lighting Testing Laboratory is accredited by ENAC (The National Accreditation Body) for the tests defined in the technical annex of file Nº 44/LE366. “Lighting Tests”

Laboratory activities:

  • Tests to verify construction features: Brand verification, mechanical tests, F symbol tests, etc.
  • Heat, fire and current-loss resistance tests.
  • Conductor path resistance tests and IRC calculation.
  • Electrical testing:
    • Insulation resistance tests
    • Electrical resistance test
    • Current-loss tests
  • Earthing device tests
  • Heating and endurance tests
  • Creepage distances and clearances
  • Dust particles, solid particles and humidity resistance tests:
    • Indices of protection against penetration IP2X, IP3X, IP4X, IP5X, IP6X.
    • Protection indices IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5,
    • 48-hour humidity test
Other activities

  • Customized courses for the lighting standard UNE EN 60598
Principal equipment

The laboratory is equipped to perform all the tests laid out in parts 1 and 2 of the UNE-EN 60598 lighting standards which are necessary to ensure that these type of products comply with the existing standard.
Among these it is worth highlighting:

  • High and low temperature calibrators.
  • Calibration apparatus for dynometric screwdrivers and spanners.
  • Calibration apparatus for electronic equipment.
  • Microprocessor-controlled modular climatic chamber.
  • Chamber for carrying out dustproofness testing (degrees of protection IP5X, IP6X).
  • Recorder.
  • Digital voltage and multimeters.
  • Measurement equipment for surface currents, insulation, dielectric resistance, current losses, and earthed circuit resistance equipment.
  • Motorized Oscillating Spray tester.
  • Spring percussion and pendulum pinking device.
  • Incandescent filament apparatus.
  • Data acquisition system (HYDRA).
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