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 Technological areas

  Technological areas  

The physicochemical laboratory boasts modern installations dedicated to providing industry with the necessary technical support by putting a wide range of services at its disposal, in the field of chemical analysis and physicochemical testing. The laboratory works directly with companies in our sector, as well as using its expertise in certain testing techniques to aid other laboratories.

Work carried out in the laboratory is not restricted only to standard testing, but also to defining new tests and specifications for tackling different analytical problems.

Additionally, The Metal and Mechanics Institute (AIMME) is officially recognized by the Environmental Protection Ministry as a collaborating entity for water quality control and monitoring, and wastewater treatment and management. In this way, and since January 2008, AIMME appears in the special registry of collaborating entities according to the Environmental Protection Ministry’s Order MAM/985/2006, of March 23, 2006

Laboratory activities:

  • Alloy analysis,
  • Coating control
    • Electrolytic baths
      • Composition.
      • Impurities.
      • Raw materials.
      • etc...
    • Coated pieces:
      • Mass per surface unit.
      • Gold content in gold-plated or gold-filled items.
  • Analysis of wastewaters and residues
    • Physicochemical parameters.
    • Toxicity of residues.
    • Flocculation testing.
  • Paints analysis
    • Physicochemical parameters:
    • Composition.
    • Organic components (infra-red spectrophotometry measurement).
    • Toxicity.
  • Raw materials analysis
    • Glass.
    • Minerals.
    • Others.
  • Toxicity testing
    • Residual waste analysis.
    • Alloys for use in the food industry.
    • Paints.
  • Analyses of surface treatment baths.
  • Analyses of oils and fluids.
Other activities

  • Customized courses for companies
  • Assessment of testing methods
  • Personnel training in physicochemical analysis
  • Design of company laboratories
  • Periodical inspections of wastewaters, raw materials, finished products, electrolytic baths, etc., for companies.
Principal Equipment

  • Bioluminescence analyzer for wastewaters.
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry.
  • Induced coupling plasma emission spectrophotometry.
  • Spark emission spectrophotometry.
  • High performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet-visible detectors, conductivity, electrochemical and differential refractometry detectors.
  • High-resolution gas chromatography with flame ionization (FID), electron capture (ECD), flame photometry (FPD) and detectors for the analysis of nitrogen phosphate organic compounds.
  • Analyzer of organic, inorganic and total carbon contents in liquid samples.
  • Automatic analyzers of carbon, sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen in alloys.
  • Potentiametric analyzers with selective electrodes.
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