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  Technological areas  
Contact:Inmaculada Orts

The laboratory carries out tests on metallic substrates of both organic coatings (paints, varnishes, printing or related inks) and metallic coatings (chrome, nickel, hot dipped or similar).

The Corrosion And Coatings Laboratory is accredited by the National Accrediting Organism (ENAC) to perform the tests defined in the technical annex of report Nº 44/LE193/96. 'Test for paints, varnishes and related products'.

Laboratory Activities:

  • Thickness and hardness
  • Corrosion and accelerated ageing
  • Bonding, porosity and sealing
  • Brightness and colour
  • Abrasion and wear
  • Drawing and roughness
  • Conductivity
  • Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents
  • Climatic.
Test Applications

  • The selection of quality control equipment for processes or laboratories; training in the use and interpretation of results.
  • The elaboration of technical prescriptions based on supply and quality system contracts and specifications.
  • Ensuring compliance with the quality requirements for coatings.
  • Monitoring capacity of productive processes by means of periodic testing.
Principal equipment

  • Thickness measurements for organic and metallic coatings on metallic substrates.
  • Thickness measurements using X-ray fluorescence.
  • Ultramicrodurometer.
  • Erichsen hydraulic drawing instrument.
  • Tensile pressure bonding.
  • Multifunction colorimeter.
  • Brightness meters for organic and metallic surfaces.
  • Taber 5150 abrasion tester.
  • Accelerated Corrosion Chambers.
  • Xenon chamber, Xenotest.
  • Climatic testing chamber.
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